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What kind of doors can Mirage doors be installed on?

Mirage screens can be made to fit almost any door or window application, including in swing or out swing doors, patio doors, entrance doors and French double doors.

What are the color options other than basic six?

A virtual rainbow of colors are available! In addition to our six standard colors shown on the specs page,  Mirage offers a unique custom color match program for a fee; you can celect from a multitude of colors that best suits your color scheme . We use the highest quality paint and powders formulated to exceed one of the toughest paint standards in the industry for UV and salt spray resistance, the AAMA 2603-98. These are all done in-house along with full manufacturing to ensure quality.

What is powder coating?

Powder coating is a process where a finely ground powder is sprayed at very low pressure from an electrically charged gun. The cleaned and bare metal part is grounded, the gun is charged to 10,000 volts to give the particles a very high electrical charge. The particles are instantly drawn to the part, adhering to the charged surface. The part is then baked (high-temperature cured) and, as soon as it is cooled, is ready to go.

How durable is the material.

We use extruded aluminum with high layers on our housing, pull bar, tracks and sills. This is to ensure integrity, durability and strengh in our product.Extruded is basically the aluminum pressed though a machine creating strengh and shapes.