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Some popular optional accessories are listed below.
  1. Door Restrictor - Keeps your normal door from closing on windy days.

  2. Slide Bolt Attachment - Locks in place one side of a double screen door to allow for easy exit and entry.

  3. Cam Lock - Locking handle can be used in place of or with the standard magnetic latch.

  4. Sunshades - Mirage window screens can also be used as a sunscreen. We use Phifer solar/insect screening material in place of our regular Phifer window and door insect screen. This material removes 65% of the heat generating rays, while still keeping out insects and offering excellent outward visibility.



    1. Fasteners - Stainless steel fasteners with painted screws to match our six standard colors.

    2. Impact and UV Resistant Plastic Parts - High-impact UV resistant nylon resin is used for all plastic parts

    3. Aluminum Housing - Maintenance-free housing and pull bar, coated with premium paints for optimum UV and salt spray resistance.

    4. Door Handle - Unique door handle design for a comfortable and easy grip.

    5. Screen Mesh - Durable fiberglass screen material made to our specifications by Phifer Wire Products Inc., a world leader in fiberglass screening.














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