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Sometimes it is 10 times more harmful to breathe the stale air inside your home.Get fresh air with the best retractable screens.Proven to help keep bugs out and fresh air in.

Retractable Screens

Mirage screen doors and windows allow the screen material to retract into an aluminum housing when it's not needed. Leave it installed year round; there's no need to remove them. The screen housing is compact and unobtrusive. Roll the screen into position when you need it, roll it away again when you don't. The extended screen is kept in place by a magnetic latch and easily retracts with the aid of a spring.

Why the Mirage Retractable Screen System makes conventional door and window screens a thing of the past.

The Mirage Retractable Screen System is the next generation of door and window screens. Although the concept of a retractable (roller) screen is not new, it is, however, new to North America. Roller screens have been overwhelmingly received by consumers because they just make sense. The following are a few of the reasons why:

  1. It's there only when you need it! The unique design allows the screen to retract and be virtually out of sight when not in use.
  2. It is the only screen system that works for popular French and Terrace doors.
  3. Customers do not want to cover up today's expensive entrance doorways with a conventional screen door.
  4. Small, compact housing design that mounts to almost any door: patio, French (double), entrance doors, in-swing or out-swing design.
  5. Best warranty on the market!

French Doors providing fresh breeze



     Mirage screens can be made to fit almost any door

    or window .


Over 20 years of manufacturing experience in-house and no outsourcing keeps us at the top.

Q Base certificate Alco Ventures Inc. was certified under the Q-Base Quality Management System in February of 1996 and is re-certified every six months through an independent audit process as specified by the Q-Base certification organization. The Q-Base Quality Management System is based on the ISO-9002 quality system and puts into place an environment which mandates continuous improvement. Practice makes perfect and perfect makes permanent.

We have six standard colors. Color matching available with uprate


Colors:  Six great colors to choose from!

We use the highest quality paint formulated to exceed one of the toughest paint standards in the industry for UV and saltspray resistance the AAMA 603.8.

All of our Mirage roller screens are painted in-house by trained Mirage personnel. Absolutely no screens are sent elsewhere to be painted. This is especially important to ensure proper paint adhesion of the Aluminum parts on the roller screen. The Mirage warranty ensures you first time quality for a lifetime.



Elegance, Quality, & Warranty

Mirage offers a one-year warranty on parts and labor

and a lifetime warranty on all parts for the roller screen

(except the screen material) under normal wear and tear.

Ask your dealer for details.


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